The Love Cult of XONRADThe Love Cult of XONRADThe Love Cult of XONRAD

This page is currently a placeholder until I can find the time redesign a new and modern web-friendly website. The following platforms are where you can find my work/content/products, as well as how I engage with those platforms. Look out, it requires more reading. If reading is not your thing, rest assured, I am very comfortable with you taking your short attention span elswhere... go ahead and clicking away, preferably to never look at my work again. Stupid is not welcome here!

The Love Cult of XONRAD

I am the enlightenment you fear, the destruction you crave, I am The Overlord. Behold, a glimpse of my sublime cult, a deeper world to which you are denied.

I live in a world where there is never enough time to do everything... and I do tend to be involved in a lot of things. So my reintroduction of some old, and the sharing of new content to "the internet" is being performed when I can, and not based on any sense of desperation to become popular in the meta, exploit any trends, or to generally gain a horde of followers or likes in the hopes of acquiring magical mythical "influencer" wealth and status... I find such an idea to be profoundly abhorrent, to put it bluntly.

If you dig what I share, that's cool, but I am a firm believer of at least trying to live by the ethos of Quality Over Quantity, so do not expect a mass glutt of constant "stuff" being posted online.


VIMEO: This is where the quality video projects will go, with exclusive hosting of 4K+ editions of certain projects when the time comes. Full disclosure, I will monetise the 4K+ resolution options for any particular content, when that time comes. Vimeo is also my preferred video platform because of the higher quality video encoding and, more importantly... no adverts, and there is no meta onslaught of mindless influencer and reactive garbage content.


YouTube: LoveCultOfXONRAD

YOUTUBE: I consider YouTube an exposure/promotional platform and little else. The way YouTube flipflops on their monetisation policies, and the fact that it is so heavily polluted by adverts and opaque meta practices... YouTube will host a mix of the less "arty" content, along with lower-than-4K editions of what I would consider the higher end stuff. And to be honest, I do not trust the engagement on YouTube either, so if you post a meaningful message/comment on/about my videos, do not take it personally if I do not reply, because it is possible Google decided it was more important to try and force some insufferable psuedo political or "..reacts to" garbage into my notifications tab rather than your message... it has happened too many times before.

POND5: Stock Video Footage, Stock Photography (in the process of organising the first batch), and eventually Stock Sound Effects/Audio... this is where licensed, royalty free content created by my hand can be purchased.



ETSY: Merchandise is available from my Etsy store. The products on display are Print On Demand pieces, made to order. For full disclosure, I am using Printful as my POD merch manufacturer of choice due to the higher level of quality and variety of products that they offer, compared to many other PODs.

VERO: I am new to Vero, but I like what I see. If you want to engage with me on a platform that allows for messaging, I would recommend it be done here where, for the time being at least, there are no incessent advertisments or manipulative meta. Just be mindful that I am not a people person, so don't take it personally if I don't respond in a timely manner... I always have too much "stuff to do" on my plate, and being social is not in my DNA.


Pinterest: XONRAD

PINTEREST: I have thrown up a mix of content on here, and treat it purely as a feed platform for exposure. The meta is also a novel curiosity to me, since you can actively influence what appears in your feed. A huge bonus in Pinterest's favour is that it is an interesting place where your eyes are not being molested every third or forth post by some insufferable advert/paid-influencer-post.

Facebook: XONRAD

FACEBOOK: I'm on there, but I really only use it to keep up with a small handful of actual "real" friends, and have access to some special interest groups (like vehicular troubleshooting, etc. like forum based knowledge).

INSTRAGRAM: This is where I mix up the occasional post... sometimes cross sharing what I am throwing up on Pinterest, etc... or the real reason I joined Instagram: to contribute to the world of pointless food-based troll posting. HOWEVER, there are too many adverts and offers for fake-click-farm-followers for me to take the platform seriously.

Instagram: LoveCultOfXONRAD

Twitter: XONRAD

TWITTER: I have, and will continue to "rarely" use tweets, but only as a mindless platform for throwing out notifications and announcements into the ether (likely automatic posts from other platforms like Vimeo). Beyond that, I do not have the time, nor the interest to mess around with the Twitter-verse. | COPYRIGHT © XONRAD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
All content branded is the sole property of XONRAD.