The Love Cult of XONRAD

The Love Cult of XONRAD is hidden within a long forgotten dead Mountain, and strives to burn through the veil of your prosaic orthodoxy.

Only the chosen may revel in the glory of the fertile fields beyond The Mountain, and you may only catch a glimpse of the scintillating aphorisms that will forever be denied to you.

Yet you may still pay obeisance to The Love Cult of XONRAD, and help usher in the end of all that is plebian in your wretched existence.


Go forth and attempt to gorge yourself on enlightenment. Reckon only that The Love Cult of XONRAD will humour in starving your glutenous and hyperactive appetites.

Rarible NFTs

Step forth and bleed for The Cult of XONRAD, and give unto The Mountain all that is yours, all in exchange for a breviloquent taste of transcendece.


The only synergy possible with The OVERLORD Himself... oh devoted attendants and minions, you will surely be denied, for The Shadow stands guardian and will likely judge you unworthy.

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